Glyn's testimonial

I've been coming to the Andreasen Holistic Healing Centre regularly for about four years. A friend persuaded me to come and have a look and now it's an integral and positive part of my life.

On my first visit I was worried in case it was religious and you had to have 'a faith' but it isn't like that at all; like most of the people at the Andreasen, I have come to believe that there is an energy within and around us that can be used to heal, both physically and mentally, but it's not even necessary to believe that - perhaps the only necessity is to be open minded enough to come and try it. If you don't want to commit yourself to having healing then come and watch, have a drink and a piece of cake and chat to people. You don't even need to have anything 'wrong' with you but just want to relax and have some time for yourself amongst some friendly people.

When I first came I was in advanced kidney failure and was scared and depressed. The medical staffs were good at dealing with the physical issues but hopeless at supporting me psychologically when I did express something about my feelings (and that wasn't often as I locked my feelings deep inside in order to keep some control over them). I've been on peritoneal dialysis for two and a half years now and most of this time I've been remarkably well. When I first went onto dialysis a doctor told me that my kidneys would fail completely and I'd stop passing urine within a year; this hasn't happened yet. In fact, after I've been to the Andreasen I find that I pass a noticeably increased amount of urine for a good while afterwards, which seems like a positive thing to me.

I'm also now on combination anti-viral therapy, which makes most people feel ghastly. So, with my dialysis as well, I should feel really ill. I do have bad days but for most of the time I am surprisingly well, such that I can still work, sometimes long hours. I am a university lecturer in the social sciences and a senior team leader for a national 'A' level exams board, so I am someone who thinks analytically and I don't believe in anything unless I see the evidence.

The way I see it is that I should feel worse than I do and the fact that I don't I put down to three things: I have two excellent consultants, I go to the Andreasen and have healing and a complementary therapy weekly, and I try to maintain a positive attitude, as scientific research shows how important attitude is in many serious physical conditions. There is now sufficient evidence to suggest that we need to take a more holistic approach to illness and see the interaction between body, mind, and indeed, soul.

I haven't had a miracle where my kidney damage has been reversed, as healing is generally more subtle than that. Most people feel a deep sense of relaxation when receiving healing. I have problems with insomnia because of my dialysis and the anti-viral therapy, but after healing and that deep relaxation, I go to bed earlier and generally sleep right through the night and wake feeling refreshed, and that is very unusual for me.

Another change I have noticed is that I now feel more able to accept the support that is offered to me at the Andreasen. Last year I had a bit of a close call because of the side effects of my drugs. I got in touch with a couple of Andreasen friends and asked for distant healing, and it did help to know that the group were sending me their thoughts and healing when I was so ill. I didn't tend to show what I was feeling or ask for support but I have learned to be able to trust a number of people at the group such that I can be open, honest and receive the support they offer. Also, I have made a conscious returning to the more spiritual aspects of my life as well.

It's a precious thing in today's society to find a group of friendly people who simply care about one another and show it. Whatever the future holds for me I know that the Andreasen will be an integral part of my life and my development as a human being. I know that others in the group feel the same way as I do and they too have their personal stories of how the Andreasen has helped them. I really hope that you will come along and see whether it can give to you what it has given to us.