Guided mediation/visualisation

Colour Meditation

You find yourself walking along a winding country lane, it is high summer & as the sun shines down you feel happy, warm & contented.

On each side of you the hedgerows are in full leaf with contrasting shades of green. Some bushes are in full blossom, bright multi coloured butterflies flit about for beneath the hedge on both sides is a carpet of wild flowers-- here foxgloves, cowslips violets, & primroses abound, their delicate perfume filling the warm air. You are immediately filled with a sense of awe at the beauty that is around you.

As you walk along you notice that there is a gap in the hedge just in front, where there is a rustic stile leading to a narrow path across a small green field full of golden buttercups, all nodding in the gentle breeze.

You can see that the path leads into a small wood & you feel drawn to climb the stile & explore, so you quickly walk across the small field with its carpet of gold, what a marvellous sight. As you enter the wood you are aware that this is a happy place for there is bird song all around. On the ground the whole wood seems to be covered in a blue haze from a carpet of bluebells. The delicate perfume of the flowers fills the warm air & you are reminded that you are experiencing the wonders of nature in this tranquil place.

Shafts of bright sunlight beam down through the upper branches of the lofty trees, dappling your path with moving patterns of light & shade, produced by the soft breeze rustling through the leaves.

As you walk along taking in the beauty, be aware of a different gentle sound in the tree tops & even though the sun is still shining you realize that it is the sound of a soft summer shower of rain. You feel fortunate that you have the shelter of the trees. The shower stops almost as soon as it begins, leaving you with a fresh sweet smell mixed in with the perfume of the flowers.

As you proceed deeper into the wood you are amazed to see filtering through the broad tree trunks shafts of shimmering colours. The colours are extremely bright & pure & appear to emanate from the centre of the wood, just up ahead.

What could be producing such a marvelous sight? You hurry forward to investigate as the path seems to be leading you straight towards this intriguing phenomenon. The path is leading into a circular clearing. See a blaze of iridescent colours beaming from the sky above the trees. You stand in awe, mouth open, as a realization comes, that you are being shown the end of a rainbow. Here circular pools of vivid colour slowly revolve around the clearing. In the centre there stands a shimmering gold bench - could this possibly be the crock of gold that is supposed to exist here? You feel an irresistible urge to go over to the seat & sit amid the beautiful, slowly rotating colours & as you rest on the seat surrounded by this fantastic spectacle you know that you will receive great benefit from your time here.

As you sit you see that the pure red colour is beginning to bathe us in its vibrant light & feel a surge of energy & vitality begin to filter throughout your whole being, knowing that you need this energy at this time. Feel the colour gently flowing about your body revitalizing your mind body & spirit.

[Sit for a short time to experience the benefits this colour brings]

Now as the colour slowly passes by, see that you are now bathed in a vibrant orange, bringing with it a feeling of euphoria & joy & feel uplifted. This beautiful hue permeates & energizes your whole being.

[Sit for a short time to experience these attributes]

The orange colour has now slowly passed by & now you see a beautiful bright yellow is shining down upon you. It is far more vivid & beautiful than the buttercup field & you begin to feel a sense of fulfillment & emotional well- being.

[Bathe for a while & experience the energy that this wonderful colour brings]

A delicate fluorescent shade of green is now shining all about you, as feelings of love, caring & balance fill your mind, body & spirit & you are reminded that this colour represents your heart chakra.

[Feel this colour being absorbed within every part of your being; spend a few minutes experiencing these wondrous things]

Again the colours slowly change & you see yourself enveloped in a spectacular deep shade of azure blue bringing peace, tranquility & healing to every part of your mind, body & spirit. Feel the colour reaching out to all those areas within that need healing at this time, gently easing away the pain stress & worry.

[Again spend a little time with this colour, experiencing its soothing healing benefits]

As the iridescent blue moves away, see that your whole being is bathed in a vibrant indigo colour, bringing with it attributes of creativity, ideas & knowledge. Feel your mind expand as it absorbs this gentle energy.

[Spend a little time experiencing this lovely colour & the gifts it brings]

The indigo slowly turns into the most beautiful violet colour, which radiates into every part of your body & you begin to experience the understanding of your spirituality, intuition & knowing.

[See the colour enveloping you & spend a little time thinking of its attributes & how they may help you along your life's path]

As this last colour begins to move away, slowly all the colours in the clearing begin to fade away, leaving you sitting enlightened within the centre of the glade. Look down at the gold seat. To your surprise you find that you are only sitting on a large log of wood. The realization comes that you have been given more riches than gold during your time here.

You know that it is now time to leave this magical place. Retrace your steps back along the bluebell path to the edge of the wood, thence through the vibrant sweet perfumed buttercup field to our rustic stile in the hedge. On climbing over you are now back to the leafy, sweet smelling lane & within a short time you are back where you started your incredible journey. The countryside scene is now fading and you find yourself refreshed.

I hope you enjoy this guided mediation, which was written by Dennis Smith.